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As you’ve probably heard by now, Samsung is planning on disabling remaining unreturned Galaxy Note 7 handsets. In the US that process has already begun with T-Mobile’s Note 7, and it seems that in other parts of the world, such as Malaysia, Samsung is planning on doing the same thing as well.

A report from Malaysian tech website has revealed that Samsung has been sending out push notifications to all of its handsets in the country, informing them that come 31st of December, all unreturned Note 7 handsets will be powered down to 0%, which effectively kills off the handset once and for all.

Samsung is issuing this notification to remind users that they should probably backup their photos and files on the handset lest they find themselves missing certain things. That being said, over in Malaysia the handset is still eligible for a refund or an exchange, so if for whatever reason you haven’t returned your handset yet, you still have time to do so.

Like we said, this move by Samsung is being enacted around the world, with carriers in certain countries helping out by blacklisting the phone to prevent it from being used on its networks, like those in Canada, New Zealand, and Australia, just to name a few.

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