In the past technology would typically be associated with “boring” looking devices, like huge chunk computers and monitors that come in dull colors like black or beige. However these days we’re starting to see how tech can be fashionable or artsy, especially with artists now collaborating with tech companies to make that a reality.

Recently this concept was demonstrated during China’s CCTV Spring Festival Gala where a group of 162 dancers donned Intel and 360Fashion Network’s smart gloves and synchronized a dance together that created a human light pattern in the process. The glove itself is powered by Intel’s Curie and the pattern is generated using gestures thanks to the sensors embedded into the gloves, such as a 6-axis combo sensor with accelerometer and gyroscope.

The end result is a pretty stunning performance which you can check out for yourself in the video above. This seems to be a great demonstration of how technology, art, and fashion can be combined together and that they don’t necessarily have to exist separate from one another. It’s also a good demonstration of Intel’s Curie platform and the smart glove, as well as its accompanying app that allows users to change the color pixel by pixel, choose from preset lighting animations, and more.

Based on this it is possible that maybe in the future, more musical acts could incorporate the technology into their performances, but in the meantime you can enjoy the Spring Festival Gala’s performance in the video above.

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