It was recently discovered that with iOS 10.3, Apple introduced a feature called “Find my AirPods”. It works pretty much the same as “Find my iPhone” except that because it relies on Bluetooth, its range isn’t very far, although we guess if you can’t seem to locate it at home then it’s probably a sign you might have dropped it somewhere else.

That being said the folks at AppleInsider have put together a video showing off how the feature works. Like we said it shares some similarities to Find my iPhone in the sense that you can play a sound to help you identify its location, which is shown off in the video above. From what we can tell it seems to be pretty effective as it isn’t too loud, but loud enough where you can hear it.

This might be useful if you were to misplace them inside your pants pocket that you plan to wash, or if it fell down the side of the couch, under a pile of cloths, or under your bed. Interestingly enough prior to the release of iOS 10.3, there was an app called Finder for AirPods which more or less had the same purpose.

However Apple decided to remove it from the iTunes App Store which we guess we can now see why. That being said, the iOS 10.3 beta is now open to the public so if you’re interested you can go ahead and sign up and check it out for yourself.

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