super-mario-run-japanSuper Mario Run is by no means a hard game. If you’re the sort that just wants to breeze through all the levels, you don’t need to be particularly skilled to do so, more so if you don’t really care about how many coins you collect or if you can collect all the colored coins in the process.


However it seems that maybe some gamers are having a hard time, so much so that in a recent update to the game, it seems that Nintendo has added what they are calling “Easy Mode”. According to the description, this basically gives gamers unlimited time and bubbles to complete a level. This means that you can die as many times as you don’t and you don’t have to worry about running out of time or running out of “lives”.

Like we said the game isn’t particularly challenging to begin with, but for those who just want to sit back and take their time and fully explore the levels and get their $10 worth, this could be worth checking out. In addition to the “Easy Mode” feature, the update will also add support for Korean, make some changes to Toad Rally where Toads are easier to collect and the number of Toads lost after a race has been lessened.

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