Viber confirmed last week that it would soon release a secret chats feature for its more than 800 million users across the globe. This feature would add an ephemeral fair to text chats as recipients wouldn’t be able to take a screenshot, the chats will have a self-destruct timer and protection against message forwarding as well as an additional layer of security provided by Viber’s end-to-end encryption. Viber has now confirmed that the secret chats feature has been rolled out.


The Viber secret chats feature will come in handy for those who are extra protective of their privacy. They will have the peace of mind that their text messages will be deleted automatically from the recipient’s device after a certain amount of time.

They will also receive alerts if the recipient takes a screenshot on their iOS device while recipients on Android devices won’t be able to take a screenshot altogether. This obviously doesn’t mean that someone can’t just take a photo of their handset’s display with another camera but that’s always going to be a possibility when ephemeral services are being used.

Viber will also enable users to start a secret chat with a group and will even enable them to start another secret chat with a member of that group without deleting or replacing the regular chat.

The secret chats feature is now being rolled out for all Viber users across the globe.

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