There was a point in time when it felt that Samsung might be growing a bit too big for Android, and we had reported that Google had to step in and tell Samsung to cut back on the customizations they were making to Android. Things have changed since then because if anything, Samsung and Google seem to be a lot closer than ever.

It has been confirmed that Samsung will now be using Google Play Music as the default music app on Samsung devices. This actually began last year with the Galaxy S7, but this year is slightly different as it seems that Google will be making some enhancements to its Play Music service that will be exclusive to Samsung customers.

This includes the ability to upload as many as 100,000 songs to the cloud (normal listeners can only upload 50,000) so that they can be streamed anywhere. Galaxy S8 owners will also be given a free 3-month trial to the paid tier of Play Music, and will also eventually add support for Bixby Voice whenever that feature is ready for primetime.

Google has also promised to deliver other special features for Play Music just for Samsung customers in the future. We’re pretty sure some Play Music subscribers might be miffed at this fragmentation of features in the service, but unfortunately that’s just the way things are, so if you don’t want to miss out then we guess you’ll just have to grab yourself a Samsung smartphone.

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