Nokia acquired Withings quite a while back and the company announced at the Mobile World Congress 2017 earlier this year in February that it would rebrand Withings’ connected health devices under its own brand. Nokia has completed the rebranding effort today. All Withings connected health products will now be sold under the Nokia banner. To drive that point home, Nokia today launched two new smart health devices that carry its own brand.

The company today announced its new Nokia Body scale which costs $59.95. It can link up to a connected smartphone via an app and provide weight information. Nokia is still selling the Withings Body scale but it’s now called Body+.

Nokia has launched a new BPM+ blood-pressure monitor which is merely a premium version of the existing monitor by Withings. Nokia is selling it for $129.95 with its new soft cuff. The Body Cardio scale is also available under the Nokia branding.

Other Withings products that have been rebranded as well include the activity and sleep tracker Go, video and air quality monitor Home, and connected thermometer Thermo.

The Withings’ Health Mate app has been updated as well. It offers improved navigation, new wellness programs with personalized content, and more.

All of these digital health products are now available for purchase from Some items are also going to be sold via retailers like Amazon and Best Buy.

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