HBO is definitely not having a very good couple of weeks, what with one of their distributors purposely leaking a Game of Thrones episode, and not too long ago it was discovered that the company’s servers had been hacked in which hackers were threatening (and have since) leaked some of the company’s shows.


Now it seems that HBO’s Twitter accounts have also been hacked (and since restored) by a group calling themselves as OurMine. However this particular breach did not last too long as HBO seemed to be able to regain control of their accounts and deleted the hacker’s tweets within an hour of it being breached.

We suppose the severity of the Twitter hack isn’t quite as bad compared to their servers being hacked, and it is also not the first time we’re seeing companies have their Twitter accounts hijacked. However like we said, combine the Twitter hijacking with the recent server hacks and leaks and it definitely seems like HBO is having a pretty rough time at the moment.

Some are speculating that the HBO hack could be much worse than the Sony hack, which was already pretty severe back then. Last we heard the hackers were demanding millions worth of bitcoin as ransom, in which according to a leaked email, HBO tried to counter with $250,000 and to treat it as a “bug bounty”.

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