Last week we reported that Capcom would be releasing the demo for Monster Hunter XX on the Nintendo Switch this week, and sure enough it looks like the demo is now available for gamers who are interested in checking it out, although we should point out that the game is currently exclusive to Japan.

However the good news is that finally after all these years, Nintendo has decided to create a region-free system with the Nintendo Switch. What this means is that gamers can create eShop accounts for any country in the world and purchase games that might be exclusive to a certain country, which is usually the case with smaller indie titles, or in this case Capcom’s Monster Hunter XX.

The game was announced back in May much to the excitement of gamers, but a follow-up report from Capcom revealed that the company has no plans of releasing it to other parts of the world for now. Given the mass fanbase of the Monster Hunter franchise, we’re not sure why Capcom is not bothering to localize it, unless they have another title planned for the Switch that is for the Western market.

Either way like we said, the Switch is region-free and you can check out some tutorials online on how to create a new eShop account for a different country if you absolutely have to get your hands on it.

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