Dyson, a company known globally for its vacuum cleaners, has confirmed that it’s building an electric car. Dyson is going to unveil its electric car in 2020 so there’s going to be a long wait before we get to see what it has been working on. The company has said that it has a team of more than 400 people working on its electric car project.

Dyson has ample experience in battery and digital motor technology. It’s going to draw on that experience as it develops its first electric car. It’s not going to be a cheap endeavor as Dyson will be investing $2.6 billion in this project.

James Dyson, the founder and CEO of Dyson, said that the company’s first car won’t be a high performance electric car. He says that it’s going to be “radically different” from the electric cars we see on the market today.

He didn’t reveal any more details about the car, though, saying that we’ll have to “wait and see” to find out what Dyson has been working on.

Despite that, it’s not likely to be cheap, so it might end up costing a pretty penny. “Maybe the better figure is how much of a deposit they would be prepared to put down,” Dyson adds.

More information about Dyson’s electric car will be revealed in the years to come.

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