With the announcement of the new iPhones, Apple also announced that the new iPhones and a couple of other Apple products would finally be supporting wireless charging. As expected Apple also introduced their own wireless charging accessory in the form of AirPower which is basically a wireless charging mat for your devices.


In the photos we’ve seen, the AirPower mat will support wireless charging for the iPhone, the AirPods (if it’s equipped with the wireless charging case), and the Apple Watch. Unfortunately for owners of older Apple Watch devices, it seems that the AirPower will only play nicely with the Apple Watch Series 3.

This is according to Apple’s own website in which the comparison page between the Apple Watch Series 1 and Series 3 lists support for AirPower as being one of the main differences. Prior to this it was speculated that because the Apple Watch uses induction charging that it could support wireless charging, but we guess not.

The AirPower charging mat is only expected to arrive in 2018 and supposedly uses a new charging standard that will support multiple devices, which is why despite Apple using the Qi wireless charging standard in their iPhones, there are claims that the AirPower charging mat won’t work with other devices.

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