While it will probably be a while, maybe years, before we see the release of The Elder Scrolls VI, it doesn’t mean that gamers who love the franchise can’t expect new content. In fact Bethesda has recently announced that the Skyrim Special Edition will be getting an update in the form of a new “Survival Mode”.


Basically Survival Mode makes the game harder for gamers in general, which means that if you’ve completed all that Skyrim has to offer, Survival Mode will introduce new challenges that will make the game harder. Take for example climate, in which the game’s entire map has been zoned to reflect the different climates in different areas. This means that if you travel to colder areas, you will need to ensure you are equipped with the proper gear to prevent freezing.

There will also be a new “hunger” mechanic which as the name suggests, will see your character get hungry over time. According to Bethesda, this will affect your character’s stamina and the ability to wield weapons. There will also be a difference in eating cooked and uncooked food in terms of replenishing your hunger.

These are just some of the changes made to Skyrim if you were to enable Survival Mode, so if you think you’re a seasoned veteran of Skyrim, then this update will be worth checking out.

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