While there is an increasing number of smart home appliances that are finding their way onto the market, the number of “dumb” home appliances still outnumbers them. However we’ve seen how some companies have found ways around that, such as by creating smart plugs that turn regular appliances into smart ones.


Now iHome is no stranger to such devices, but in case you wanted something for the outdoors, the company has you covered. iHome has recently announced the iSP100 Outdoor SmartPlug. As its name suggests, this is a set of plugs designed for the outdoors which when connected, will allow users to control them using their smartphones. They are also HomeKit compatible which means that you can use it with the iOS Home app in addition to other digital assistants like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant.

With the iSP100 giving regular devices “smarts”, it will allow users to easily control them, such as setting a schedule or even controlling it remotely. This means that you could rig an outdoor spotlight to turn on at night, or you can remotely turn it on when you are on the way home, and so on. It is priced at $40 and available via the company’s website. iHome also has some smart indoor plugs ranging from $30 to $50.

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