It has been about 3 years since Apple introduced HomeKit with iOS 8. While it wasn’t exactly launched with a lot of fanfare, slowly over the years we’re starting to see more companies adopt the SDK and make products that are compatible with it, such as Philips, IKEA, and even Belkin who had initially cancelled their plans for it.


That being said if you are looking for more HomeKit-compatible products, you might be interested to learn that LIFX has announced a new version of the LIFX Z LED light strip which will be HomeKit-compatible. This means that users will be able to install it in their homes and control it via the Home app on their iOS devices.

The best part is that the new LIFX Z strip will connect directly to your home’s WiFi, which means that users will not have to purchase a bridge for connectivity options. LIFX has also announced that they’ll be launching a new controller that can be used for older LED light strips that will retrofit them with HomeKit-compatibility as well.

As for pricing and availability, the LIFX Z Starter Kit with HomeKit support is priced at $90 which will contain two 3.3-foot LED strips and a power pack. Right now only the US version is available, but there are plans to launch kits with support for international power supplies in the future. Additional LED strips are priced at $30 for a 3.3-foot extension, while a pack of four 3.3-foot extensions will be sold for $100.

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