At this time of writing, there is less than a month before Star Wars: The Last Jedi will be released in cinemas, and we’re sure that this is something that many moviegoers are looking forward to. Disney knows this, and to tease fans of the franchise, they have released a new teaser trailer called “Tempt”.

For those who are trying to avoid any tiny bit of spoilers that they possibly can, you’ll want to stop reading and maybe skip this teaser, but for those who aren’t fussed, carry on. Now from what we can tell, this seems to be some kind of Jedi training session between Rey and Luke Skywalker, in which it appears that the dark side of the force is calling out to Rey, and Luke is telling her to resist the temptation.

It is a pretty short teaser at under a minute, but it does show us more scenes from the movie which so far based on the hype is shaping up to be a rather epic film. It will also be the longest Star Wars movie to date, coming in at 150 minutes with the credits included. The movie is directed by Rian Johnson who has recently been tasked to helm a new trilogy of Star Wars films.

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