With some Bluetooth headsets, some manufacturers give users the option of plugging in a cable as well. This might come in handy for those times when your headset runs out of battery, or if you’re in the audiophile camp, you believe that a wired connection will offer up better quality audio.

For the most part it has been an either or situation, where you had to choose between wired or wireless, but the good news for those who want the best of both worlds, SteelSeries has announced their Arctis 3 Bluetooth headset that supports simultaneous audio. This means that you could be plugged into a device but also continue to receive audio from a Bluetooth source.

According to SteelSeries Audio Category Manager Brian Fallon, “This is the first time that you can simultaneously have wired gaming audio and wireless Bluetooth. Bluetooth is incredibly useful for connecting wirelessly to mobile devices for chat and music, but as most gamers know, Bluetooth has too much latency for gaming. That is why this is a wired headset for gaming and Bluetooth for everything else.”

SteelSeries also points out how the headset would be ideal for Nintendo Switch gamers who could connect the headset to their mobile devices wirelessly and use the Nintendo Switch Online chat app, while at the same time connected to their console to listen to game audio, which seems like a considerably more elegant solution that some previous connection methods. The Arctis 3 Bluetooth headset is priced at $129.99 and is available via SteelSeries’ website.

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