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From time to time we receive promo emails from companies whose services or products we’ve used in the past, and this can be rather annoying and can clutter up our inboxes. Sure, they could be marked as spam, but that could complicate things if you do decide to use those services again in the future, which means that unsubscribing to them is the best way.

Sometimes unsubscribing isn’t so obvious, but Google wants to make it easier for users of its Inbox email service. According to Android Police, Google appears to be testing a new feature in Inbox where when it detects that you have not been opening/reading certain emails for an extended period of time, it will suggest that you unsubscribe to it via an integrated unsubscribe button.

As you can see in the screenshot above, users can choose to ignore the option and allow those emails to keep coming in. However this feature appears to be in testing at the moment which means that you may or may not see it available to you. It also appears to be a feature on both the user’s desktop and mobile app, so depending on where you access Inbox, you should be able to access the functionality.

No word on when Google plans to roll out this feature to the masses, but it does seem like a rather quick and convenient way of unsubscribing to emails you no longer way.

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