As convenient as the Nespresso is (and other similar machines), the problem is that it locks you into the Nespresso pods. While the pods do make decent enough coffee, there might be some coffee enthusiasts who are more particular about their beans, plus it’s hard to beat freshly ground beans versus beans that have been sitting in pods for months.

This is where the Capsulier Revo comes in. This is a machine that lets users make their own Nespresso pods using their own beans. This means that users get to pick and choose their own beans and put them into pods that can be used with a Nespresso machine, ensuring that every pull is a fresh one (or at least as fresh as they can be).

The best part is that the Capsulier Revo uses stainless steel pods which means that it also deals with the problem with pod-using machines that are said to be causing environmental problems. The machine is capable of holding up to eight empty pods at once, meaning you can load them up one by one or make batches at a time for convenience.

At this point in time the Capsulier Revo only works with Nespresso machines, but there are plans to develop a version that will work with Keurig’s products. The Capsulier Revo is currently on Kickstarter seeking funding, and with all crowdfunded projects, there’s no guarantee that it will be successfully funded, or if it will ship on time (we’ve seen some popular projects that took ages to ship), but if you don’t mind the risk, head on over to its Kickstarter page for the details.

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