At CES this year, we were treated to a barrage of smart home devices, some of which was powered by Amazon’s Alexa digital assistant platform, and some of it powered by Google Assistant. It is clear that this is something we can expect moving forwards into the future, and Google is aware of it.


So much so that according to a report from Bloomberg, Google could be considering revamping it online store where the focus is made on Google Assistant and the various devices that support it. The plan is said to starting selling more of their own products and those from Nest, and putting Google Assistant at the center of it all.

Unsurprisingly Google declined to comment on their plans, but if the report is true the revamp is expected to take place in February. So far in terms of the battle of digital assistants, it has been pretty much been Alexa versus Google Assistant. Sure, there are other digital assistants like Cortana and Siri out there, but Alexa and Google Assistant appear to be the more dominant platforms.

Apple is expected to answer in kind with the HomePod which is slated for a launch later this year, where presumably Siri’s integration will afford the same kind of controls that Alexa and Google Assistant have, except for HomeKit devices. Whether or not Apple will be able to play catchup remains to be seen.

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