[CES 2018] In the future it is possible that we could be living in such an autonomous era where when we wake up, things just happen. However that future might not be too far off, thanks to Nokia who recently unveiled the Nokia Sleep sensor at CES 2018, a sensor designed to monitor your sleep and also control your smart home.

Right off the bat we suppose one of the more obvious uses of the Nokia Sleep is that it will provide users with detailed information on their sleeping patterns, habits, and give them a score that sort of tells you how well your sleep went. However what it can also do is integrate with IFTTT, the automation app in which upon waking up, it will be able to trigger other smart objects within your home.

For example upon waking up, the Nokia Sleep could send that information to IFTTT, which in turn triggers another action, such as turn on the thermostat, turn on your shower and get it to the right temperature, put on a pot of coffee, and so on. Even if you have no use for the IFTTT integration, the Nokia Sleep is priced at $99 which is cheaper than some of the alternative solutions out there, such as Beddit.

That being said, the Nokia Sleep isn’t available for purchase yet, but for more information you can head on over to Nokia’s website for the details.

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