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Have you noticed that certain websites have rather long and “messy” looking URLs full of weird characters? This is especially so when you search on Google, where sharing search results or locations can result in very lengthy and unsightly URLs, which honestly can also look rather intimidating.

However according to Android Police, it seems that in the latest version of Chrome (version 64) for mobile, Google has updated the app to make it smart enough to clean up messy URLs when you share them with others. As you can see in the screenshot above, it basically removes all the additional parts of the URL that might not be 100% necessary for a page to load.

Take for example Amazon, in which sometimes due to affiliate links, it can tack on a bunch of characters onto the URL which helps identify where the link might have come from. In the latest version of Chrome, it cleans up all that text and just presents users with the URL that will take you directly to the page minus all that fluff.

However as Android Police points out, there might be times when you want to copy the full URL as this “clean up” feature will remove anchor tags in a page, which lets users jump to a particular section on a page immediately, which can come in handy if the page in question is rather lengthy.

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