Dyson isn’t a name that you would associate with cars. The company is known across the globe for its sleek vacuum cleaners but it’s now branching out into the automotive industry. Dyson confirmed last year that it’s developing an electric car which will be unveiled in 2020. It has a team of 400 people working on the project for which it has set aside $2.6 billion. However, according to a new report, it may not be just one niche model. Dyson is believed to be working on a trio of electric cars.


If that is true, it suggests that the company is really serious about innovating in the electric car space. With the electric car market only set to grow in the coming years, it’s not surprising to see that the company has a long-term agenda with this project.

The Financial Times reports that Dyson is working on a trio of electric cars which will be powered by a solid-state battery pack. The company is reportedly investing in lightweight materials like carbon fiber for building its cars as well as solid-state battery technology.

However, the first Dyson electric car may not have a solid-state battery. In a bid to get the car to market by 2020, the company will reportedly use a lithium-ion battery for its first car before moving to solid-state batteries for the other two planned models which will be released over the next decade.

Dyson is said to be taking a Tesla-like approach to its electric car project. The first model will likely be a high-end model, though not a sports car like the Roadster, while the other two will be more mass-market.

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