Given how long Fitbit has been in the wearables game, and also considering how insanely cheap Xiaomi’s fitness trackers are, it wasn’t surprising that Fitbit and Xiaomi were at the top of the wearables market. However according to the latest numbers by the IDC, it appears that Apple might have overtaken them both.

As you can see in the graph above, it looks like Apple has managed to overtake both Fitbit and Xiaomi in Q4 2017. Before that Apple looked like they were some still maintaining their pace, except in Q3 2017 where they were a sudden and sharp dip in market share, but Apple has since recovered and overtook both companies.

Assuming that IDC’s numbers are accurate, Apple now commands a little over 20% of the wearables market, which is is more than what Huawei and Garmin put together have. Of course whether or not Apple will be able to maintain their momentum remains to be seen, plus let’s not forget that Fitbit has a new smartwatch in the works that sports a new design and a cheaper price tag, so it is possible that Fitbit could recover some market share then.

According to the IDC’s analysis, “Apple is catching the market at the right time with many users of basic wearables moving on to smartwatches and cellular connectivity (available on select Series 3 Watches) is earning a warm reception among end users, if only for the convenience of leaving their smartphone behind.”

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