With some consumer electronics being so expensive these days, it is not particularly feasible for some to constantly upgrade their devices on an annual basis to try and keep up with every release, especially when it comes to Apple products where the iPhone X is priced starting at $999, which is a good sight more than the original iPhone which launched at $599.


This is why it is understandable that some users might keep their devices around longer as it is too costly to upgrade, but exactly how long do they keep them around for? We suppose that ranges from consumer to consumer, but Asymco analyst Horace Dediu has calculated that based on the figures that have been released publicly, that the average lifespan of an Apple device is around 4 years.

Dediu is basing his calculation on figures released by Apple every quarter on how many units they have sold. It is also based on the rare figure of active devices, which Apple recently published to be at 1.3 billion. According to Dediu, by knowing the number of active devices along with the number of devices sold, it can be used to approximate the average device lifespan.

Interestingly enough it seems that the average lifespan of Apple products appears to be increasing with every quarter, suggesting that if anything consumers are keeping their Apple products around even longer than before, and will continue doing so.

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