To say that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a hit would be a massive understatement. The title has set new records on Steam and continues to forge ahead as a darling of the gaming community. However, the title has been dealing with a hacker problem ever since its popularity surged. Many reports have connected the problems to the Chinese region which have led to requests for region locking from the community. The community will now be happy to know that developer PUBG Corp is “considering operating servers so that only those players who reside in that region can connect and play.”

It’s not like the developer hasn’t done much to clamp down on hackers. It has implemented ping-based matchmaking and even introduced new anti-cheat measures but the community remains adamant that region locking is the way to go.

Creator Brendan Greene has confirmed in a new Steam Community update that in a bid to provide an improved gameplay experience while clamping down on network issues and linguistic barriers, the developer is going to conduct a limit test of region locking before it decides whether or not it will implement PUBG region locking for the entire community.

There’s cause for cautious optimism here for the community as the latest update confirms that they have been heard but it remains to be seen whether or not PUBG region locking will become the norm going forward.

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