Last year IKEA brought HomeKit support to its Tradfri smart bulbs which meant that connected devices using HomeKit could be linked together with the bulb, or users could also use the Home app to control it. However there was no mention of support for Google, at least until now where according to users on Reddit, support for Google Assistant has arrived.

This is according to the latest update to the app in which according to the “What’s New” section, it shows that the Tradfri bulbs now support Google Assistant. This is more or less the same deal with HomeKit where users can control the bulbs using devices that have Google Assistant on them.

This includes smartphones, tablets, or smart speakers such as the Google Home series of devices. At the moment the Tradfri bulbs are limited in their availability where they have yet to roll out to other markets in the world where IKEA also operates in, but hopefully it won’t be too long until they do as it would represent a slightly more affordable alternative to other smart lighting systems out there.

It will require users to purchase a hub that will link the bulbs together, although apparently it seems that it can also be used together with the Philips Hue bridge but we have yet to test that out for ourselves.

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