Recently it was reported that an Apple Watch played a role in saving the life of a teen where an alert of an abnormally high heart rate resulted in the teen being diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. Now it looks like we have another report where the Apple Watch has been credited with saving the life of a 32-year New Yorker.


The man in question, William Monzidelis, was working at his family’s bowling alley business when he suddenly felt dizzy and had to go to the bathroom where he started bleeding. His Apple Watch then alerted him that he should seek medical attention, at which point he asked his mother, Nancy, to take him immediately to the hospital.

Along the way to the hospital, Monzidelis said he was seizing in the car and bleeding all over the place, from his mouth and his rectum, where upon reaching the hospital it was estimated that he might have lost about 80% of his blood. Upon arrival he was diagnosed as having an erupted ulcer and had to first receive a blood transfusion before he could be operated upon.

According to his doctors, had he not paid attention to the notification on his Apple Watch, there was a good chance he might not have survived as up until that point, he was a relatively healthy individual and might have otherwise ignored those symptoms.

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