So Deadpool is coming out soon and so far we’ve seen the movie’s actor Ryan Reynolds put in maximum effort (see what we did there?) in promoting it. We’ve seen various trailers, posts on Twitter, Instagram, and even featuring appearances by Hugh Jackman (who plays Wolverine in the X-Men movies).

Now it seems that in the most unlikely team up to date, Celine Dion has recently launched a brand new music video featuring none other than Deadpool himself dancing alongside her! To be fair the music video is for the song “Ashes” which will be part of the Deadpool 2 motion picture soundtrack, but to see Deadpool prancing alongside the legendary singer while she belts out this power ballad is a sight to behold.


We’re not sure if that is really Reynolds dancing next to the singer, or if it could be a dancer wearing the Deadpool costume, but either way it is hilarious as to be expected from the character. Also you should probably watch right until the very end just like the end credits of Marvel movies because there is priceless banter between both Reynolds and Celine Dion.

That being said, Reynolds recently expressed his doubt that a Deadpool 3 might happen, claiming that the character probably benefits from a movie that runs on as low a budget as possible and just “swing for the fences”.

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