Bose is a big company and has quite a lot of resources to their name, which is why it was interesting that late last year, the company actually embarked on an Indiegogo campaign in which they tried to raise funds for a pair of earphones dubbed the Sleepbuds. For those who missed the campaign, the good news is that the Sleepbuds are now available for purchase.

The headphones are priced at $250 and will be on sale through a variety of retailers starting on the 21st of June. For those who are unfamiliar with the Sleepbuds, these aren’t your regular pair of earbuds. They aren’t really designed for music listening and as their name suggests, was created to help the wearer go to sleep.

How is this done? This is done by masking outside noise along with a bunch of pre-loaded white noise tracks to help you drift to sleep. According to Bose, they’ve also been designed to be small enough where you can wear them to sleep and won’t notice them at all, unlike current headphones or earbuds which can get in the way.

Unfortunately they are somewhat one-dimensional as they can only be used for one purpose and nothing else. This means that if you were hoping that they could double as a pair of Bluetooth headphones, you might be disappointed to learn that won’t be the case.

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