A couple of days ago, it appeared that Apple was testing out a new music player for the web. As it stands web developers could already integrate Apple Music on their websites via a web player, although it would only play previews of the songs which would encourage listeners to go and sign up for an account.

However the change we saw is that users were allowed to sign into their Apple accounts in which if they had an Apple Music subscription, they could then enjoy the songs in full via the web player itself as opposed to having to launch iTunes. Apple has since confirmed these changes during WWDC 2018 in a video on Apple’s developer portal.

Dubbed MusicKit for the web, the description reads, “MusicKit has enabled the creation of new, compelling, and engaging Apple Music powered app experiences. With the introduction of MusicKit on the web, as a developer, you can now bring Apple Music powered experiences to the web. Learn how to use declarative markup or javascript to enable Apple Music on your website.”

With Apple now allowing its users to stream Apple Music via web players, it should help close the gap between Apple and some of the competition such as Pandora and Spotify, both of whom have long supported music streaming via websites.

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