Input devices like keyboard, mice, and gamepads are great for playing games with, but they tend to be rather “general” in terms of use. This is by no means a bad thing, but when it comes to certain games, there is no doubt more niche controllers could do a better job. For example arcade fighting games might benefit from a fight stick setup, and driving games a steering wheel controller.

Of course buying dedicated accessories can be expensive and a waste if you don’t play such games often, but Thingiverse user Pixel2 might have a cheap and awesome alternative in the form of a 3D printed mini steering wheel controller designed for the Xbox One’s gamepad. Basically this is an attachment that leverages the controls found on the gamepad, like the analog stick.

Image credit – Pixel2/Thingiverse

Thanks to its design, the mini steering wheel in the center of controller will control the analog stick, but at the same time allowing gamers to control it like a steering wheel of sorts. It is an ingenious idea and Pixel2 has actually made the files available for free online for users to print and to create their own setup, which YouTuber Uncle Jessy did in the video above if you want to see how it looks like in action.

Of course a bigger and “proper” steering wheel controller would no doubt feel a lot more comfortable, but if you’d rather not spend that kind of money, this could be a fun alternative.

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