Last year Disney announced that they would be launching their own streaming service. This was significant because it also marks the end of Disney’s streaming deal with Netflix where future Disney-branded shows would no longer be available on Netflix, and that was recently confirmed with Ant-Man and the Wasp being the platform’s last Marvel movie.


All of this seems to suggest that Disney wants to create a streaming service that would rival the competition out there, but apparently that’s not the company’s intention. This is according to Disney’s CEO Bob Iger who said that the company won’t be trying to compete directly with the likes of Netflix or Amazon, but rather they are trying to focus more on the quality of their shows.

Granted Disney is huge and they do have a lot of shows under its brand, but we imagine that their service will be different as it will focus more on their own properties, versus Netflix and Amazon which are bringing in shows and movies from other networks. Of course comparisons will be drawn, so it remains to be seen whether or not despite Disney’s intentions, will they end up rivaling some of the more established streaming players in the market.

There is no word on when Disney’s streaming service will launch, but it has been targeted for some time in 2019.

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