Epic’s Fortnite Battle Royale is making waves in the gaming industry for how successful it has become. The game is said to have made Epic $1 billion purely from in-game purchases, with an estimated $2 million a day being spent on the iOS version alone. It is also so popular that parents are also hiring “tutors” for their kids in hopes that they might make it a career or get a scholarship.

EA knows how popular it is and it seems that the company is more than happy that a rival studio is enjoying such great success. Speaking during the company’s earnings call, EA’s CEO Andrew Wilson said that Fortnite is good for gaming, where he feels that it being so popular actually expands on the audience of gaming, which ultimately creates more opportunities for the industry as a whole, EA included.

According to Wilson, “Our expectation is that as they continue to expand the audience, that provides tremendous opportunity for us going into the holiday season, particularly as we think about launching Madden and FIFA and Battlefield into what is a growing player audience.” Of course this is not completely an altruistic viewpoint because last we heard, EA might be looking to cash in on the trend, where last we heard EA was also looking into the possibility of creating their own free-to-play standalone shooter.

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