As far as Apple’s professional computers are concerned, it has largely been about the Mac Pro and MacBook Pro, but Apple expanded on that when they launched the iMac Pro, and now it looks like we could be getting a pro-focused Mac mini this year as well. This is according to a report from Bloomberg who claims that a Mac mini Pro could be launching this year.


The Mac mini has not been updated in the past four years and many are wondering if Apple has given up on the device and might be killing it off. However if Bloomberg’s report is accurate, it sounds like Apple might be trying to revive it. Specs and features of the rumored Mac mini Pro are unclear, but if it is being aimed at professionals, we’re probably looking at more powerful hardware which could result in a computer being more expensive than its previous iterations.

For those unfamiliar with the Mac mini, and understandably so given Apple’s lack of attention towards the device, it is basically a small box which houses computer parts. Part of its appeal is its price tag where it costs around $500, making it Apple’s most affordable Mac computer. Users would need to supply their own monitor and keyboard, but given the flexibility, ultimately it would allow users to put together a Mac computer for under $1,000.

It will be interesting to see what kind of professional upgrades the pro-focused Mac mini would be getting, and how much more expensive it might be. In addition to the Mac mini, Apple is also rumored to be launching an entry-level 13-inch MacBook, both of which are expected to be announced alongside each other.

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