2018 is definitely the year for Pokemon fans because not only did the trading feature finally arrive for Pokemon GO, but player battles are also reportedly planned for this year as well. On top of that, there will be two new Pokemon RPG titles coming to the Nintendo Switch, and on top of that Nintendo also launched a new Pokemon Quest game for the Switch and mobile.


Unsurprisingly it seems that everything Pokemon-related is essentially a gold mine because according to a report from Sensor Tower, it seems that Pokemon Quest has managed to earn $8 million in revenue within a month of it launching. This follows how the game is said to have pulled in $3 million in its first week after launching on iOS and Android.

Breaking down those numbers further, Sensor Tower claims that the biggest spenders came from Japan who represented 34% of the total revenue the game made, followed by the US players who accounted for 24%. Then there are also players from South Korea who represented 12%. Sensor Tower is also claiming that the majority of the spenders came from iOS.

That being said, it seems that the initial excitement is wearing off as spending in the game has slowed down since its first week. Whether or not it will eventually drop off remains to be seen, but at this point in time it is a far cry from Pokemon GO which is reported to have made $1.8 billion to date.

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