For years now we have been hearing reports that Sony is interested in making an Uncharted movie, but to date filming has yet to begin. However it seems that we could be getting close. In a report from The Playlist, director Shawn Levy revealed that the movie is getting closer to the start of filming.

According to Levy, “I mean, as of right now, the closest to the starting line is “Uncharted” in that it’s a massive title. We now have a very good script and we have our star in Tom Holland. That is now subject to schedule and additional casting. But I would say as of right now, that seems to be the most near horizon. And it’s a movie I’m very excited about.”

Unfortunately there is still no date on when filming will actually begin, which means that if you were hoping to see the movie anytime soon, we reckon 2019 is probably the earliest you can expect it, although admittedly it is rather optimistic. However the script has been completed and the lead actor has also been cast, so hopefully it won’t be much longer.

In the meantime for those who want an idea of what the movie could look like, actor Nathan Fillion (who many feel should have been cast as Nathan Drake) did an Uncharted fan film which has been extremely well-received, so hopefully the “real” movie will be as good, if not better.

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