While the most obvious changes Apple made to the Apple Watch Series 4 is by increasing its screen size, the company did make a ton of changes and improvements under the hood. For example of the its features is fall detection where it can tell when the wearer has fallen and there is even the option of calling for help.

However it has been pointed out in a post on Reddit that the fall detection feature is actually off by default. This means that if you want to take advantage of it, you will need to manually turn it on. This is actually mentioned on Apple’s support page in which they state that the fall detection feature is off by default, unless you’re 65 years old or older.

According to Apple, “If you’ve entered your age when you set up your Apple Watch or in the Health app and you’re age 65 and over, this feature automatically turns on.” We’re not sure why fall detection is off by default, but presumably this could be due to trying to conserve battery as much as possible.

In any case if you’re not familiar with how to turn on fall detection, head on over to the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, select My Watch, and under Emergency SOS you can enable or disable fall detection. So far we have seen how effective the Apple Watch has been at alerting users to unnaturally high (or low) heart rates which has saved a life on more than one occasion, so it will be interesting to see whether fall detection will offer up similar usefulness.

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