A lot of us tend to keep drinks around our computers, such as a bottle of water, a cup of tea or coffee, a can of soft drink, a glass of wine, and so on. There’s nothing wrong with that, but there is a danger in accidentally knocking our drinks over onto our keyboards, and given that most keyboards aren’t designed to be waterproof, it can damage them.


For the most part a lot of keyboards are cheap and can be easily replaced, but that isn’t true for Apple’s Mac keyboards which can be rather expensive if you want to replace them. However according to a patent filing, it seems that Apple is looking into the idea of possibly making their keyboards more water-resistant.

According to Apple’s description, “Keyboard device includes a shell having a set of aperture formed into a top surface. A group of keys are disposed in the set of apertures. A platform is disposed under the group of keys and substantially fills an interior of the shell. The platform has a cavity formed in a lower surface of the platform. A circuit board, which is operable to control the keyboard is disposed within the cavity. The platform is configured to prevent ingress of liquid and debris that may enter the set of apertures.”

Now there’s no guarantee that Apple will ever make this patent a reality, not to mention its design looks rather bulky which seems to go against Apple’s current aesthetics which is all about slim and sleek looks, but who knows, maybe Apple could come up with an alternative solution in the future.

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