The Apple Watch has been credited multiple times over the years in helping to save lives. This is thanks to the built-in heart rate monitor which can detect abnormalities in your heart rate, and will notify the wearer when it is unusually high, which can sometimes be symptom of an impending heart attack.

Now it seems that in an interesting story shared by Central Michigan University (via 9to5Mac), it seems that the Apple Watch was once again credited with helping to save a life, except that it wasn’t for its wearer. It recounts an incident where former Apple intern Brian Shear was on a flight when a woman seated in front of him passed out.

Shear, working together with an internal medicine physician and a lifeguard who were also on the flight, took off his Apple Watch and put it on the woman to help monitor her pulse. The watch was later passed to the emergency technician when they landed so that the doctors could have the data of her heart rate during the flight.

While the watch didn’t exactly “save” her life like in the other stories, it does highlight how useful and capable our wearables have become, like the Apple Watch Series 4 that comes with a built-in ECG monitor. Professionals in the field have also shared their thoughts on such devices, claiming that they have the potential to save more lives.

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