Battery life for most smartwatches aren’t particularly long, and having to charge them every few days (versus traditional watches that almost never need to be charged) is a bit off-putting for some. However it seems that Apple has made some improvements with the Apple Watch Series 4 that could convince people to hop on board.


Now one of the features of the Apple Watch is its ability to track your sleep. However given that this is a continuously running feature, it’s not surprising that it is a bit of a battery drain as well. However in a report from 9to5Mac, their testing/review of the device found that not only was the Apple Watch Series 4 able to track your sleep, but there was enough battery leftover where you could comfortably wear it throughout the next day as well, assuming that you’re not a particularly intensive user.

This seems to apply to older models like the Series 3, so we reckon it’s most likely due to a combination of software that helps optimize the watch’s energy usage, and also hardware that probably runs more efficiently. That being said, there are other smartwatches and fitness trackers that do offer considerably longer usage, but in case you have been eyeing the Apple Watch, then hopefully this could be enough to get you to change your mind.

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