Earlier this year EA announced a new Command & Conquer game called Rivals. However this isn’t the Command & Conquer RTS that most people are familiar with. Instead it is a title designed for mobile devices. For those who are curious about the new game, you might be interested to learn that EA has confirmed that the game will be released on the 4th of December.

EA seems to be pretty confident about the release as they claim that it will be EA’s next competitive gaming franchise. According to Michael Martinez, Redwood Studios general manager, “We set out to build an RTS game for mobile players that thrives on head-to-head competition and where strategy and skill matter. With continuous unit control and intense battles where comebacks are possible, Command & Conquer: Rivals delivers this and more.”

He adds, “We’ve been thrilled to see the early response from players during soft launch. Player feedback has made the game stronger for our launch in December and we’ll continue to work with the community as we accelerate into esports next year.” It will be interesting to see how the game will fare, especially given that there are titles such as Clash Royale which are dominating games of that particular genre.

However EA does have the advantage in that the Command & Conquer franchise is one that is known and beloved by many, but either way we’ll have to wait and see. In the meantime EA has also teased the possibility about remastering older Command & Conquer titles for the PC.

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