In this day and age of Big Brother constantly monitoring us, it is understandable that some are worried about being spied on. For instance we have heard stories of how there are some who illegally install spy cameras in bathrooms, changing rooms, and hotel rooms, so that paranoia isn’t completely unfounded.

However there is good news and that comes in the form of the SpyFinder Pro. This is a device launched on Kickstarter that when used will help users locate/detect hidden cameras in the room. How does it work? All users have to do is turn it on, hold the device up to their eye, and turn their heads to scan the room.

As you scan the room, the six red LED strobe lights will be used to detect hidden cameras by bouncing the lights off camera lenses. This means that in the event you see a reflection blinking back at you, it means that there could be a camera hidden. The LED lights will offer three different intensity levels to help detect cameras that might be hidden under different surfaces, and it will work regardless of whether the hidden camera is on or off.

We can’t speak to the effectiveness of the SpyFinder Pro, but for those who are privacy-focused and would like to avoid any nasty surprises, it might be worth investing it given its portable nature which means that you can easily take it with you on holiday. Unfortunately the SpyFinder Pro does not come cheap with a Kickstarter price of $198 for a single unit.

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