Keyboards come in varying sizes depending on your needs and preferences. Users who interact with numbers frequently probably can’t use a keyboard that does not have a dedicated number pad, and there are also some gamers who absolutely require having dedicated arrow keys, but like we said there are keyboards for everyone.

However it seems that on Kickstarter, there is a keyboard called the TYPI that is seeking funding. As you can see in the image above, the TYPI is definitely not your run of the mill keyboard. In fact even as hobbyists go, the TYPI presents a rather unusual shape by opting to have a square-ish design.

According to its creators, the reason for this is because they wanted to reduce the space your keyboard takes on your desk, and while it is smaller horizontally, it isn’t true vertically and those with shallow desks might find it difficult to use. They have also rearranged certain function keys and grouped them together based on their functions, which they claim helps to improve efficiency.

They also added new macros which binds certain commands together, such as showing desktop, into a single key to make it easier for those who might not be aware of such functions. As for the keyboard itself, the TYPI is a mechanical keyboard that will utilize Cherry MX switches, with there being four options to choose from.

Is this keyboard for everyone? We’re not sure if it is, but for those interested in pledging their support, the TYPI is priced at $259 for the wireless model, and $239 for the wired model.

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