Some of us who are younger probably think that slipping or tripping and falling in your own home isn’t that big of a deal. However when you’re older and your bones are more brittle, falling down can pose a whole new set of risks and dangers, and that’s something the folks at Vayyar Imaging hope to solve with their Walabot Home sensor.

This is a sensor that can be placed in the home and it seems that it is strong and capable enough where it can even  go past walls to detect when someone has fallen. This is thanks to its ability to model a home in 3D using radio waves which helps it know where people are, and when it detects a fall, it can also help to place a call for help without requiring any input from the user.

The Walabot Home isn’t the first fall detection device to be made, but its use of radio waves to penetrate walls and see past objects is what makes it unique. It also does not require a wearable, which some people might forget to wear or who don’t feel comfortable wearing it, or in some cases they might actually lose it.

It is also not particularly expensive at $250 because all you have to do is install it and forget about it. For those who are interested, head on over to its website for the details.

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