Given how small and powerful camera technology is these days, it does seem tempting to try and put a camera into everything. However there are certain devices in which a camera doesn’t really make much sense, such as a smartwatch, but it seems that Apple could potentially be looking at doing just that.

In a patent recently discovered by AppleInsider, it appears that Apple seems to be toying around with the idea of integrating a camera into an Apple Watch band. Now the purpose of such a camera isn’t so that we can snap selfies with it, but rather it could be used for other things, such as facial recognition which could go a long way into allowing for video calls to be made using the Apple Watch.

For example by integrating the camera and a wide-angle lens and various sensors, it could allow for users to make FaceTime calls on the Apple Watch even if it is held at an awkward angle, where the camera and software could be used to stitch image data together to construct an avatar that looks more appropriate.

We also would not be surprised if the camera technology could also somehow incorporate Face ID to the Apple Watch, where raising the watch to your face could quickly authenticate you when making mobile payments via Apple Pay. In any case it is an interesting patent although the fact that it is embedded into the band does limit customization options, but since this is a patent for all we know Apple might just be exploring an idea instead of actually developing it.

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