As many a Star Wars fan can attest, the original trilogy is probably the best out of all the Star Wars movies that have been released to date, and while the latest set of movies are certainly light years ahead of the prequels, it just doesn’t quite have the same feel. This could be one of the reasons why Mass Effect Andromeda wasn’t quite as well received as BioWare would have liked.

So much so that the franchise was said to have been put on hold. However for fans of the Mass Effect franchise who might be worried about the franchise’s future, you can rest assured that it is not going anywhere. In a video BioWare released to celebrate N7 Day, it seems that the franchise is very much alive and well, to the point where BioWare announced an Xbox One X patch for Andromeda that would improve upon certain aspects of the game, such as resolution.

Towards the end of the video, BioWare general manager Casey Hudson also seemed to hint that the studio is still working on ideas for future Mass Effect games. Note that this isn’t an announcement or confirmation that a new Mass Effect game is in the works, but it’s nice to know that BioWare has not given up on the franchise just yet.

This echoes a report from earlier this year in which it was suggested that the franchise was simply too valuable for EA to drop it.

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