When it comes to refunds, the Apple Watch has a refund window of 14 days which means that during that period, you are free to send the device back to Apple for a refund. However it seems that according to internal documents obtained by MacRumors, that refund window has since been extended to 45 days.


Now this doesn’t mean that you get to use the Apple Watch for over a month and then get to refund it. Instead this extended window only applies to refunds that are related to heart health features, meaning that if are refunding it for any other reason than that, the refund window remains the same at 14 days.

So what are heart health reasons for refunding the Apple Watch? This seems to suggest that if the heart features on the Apple Watch, such as the heart rate sensor, irregular heart rhythm notification, or the ECG features aren’t living up to your expectations or aren’t as useful as you thought they might be, you can refund the device. Presumably the extended window means that Apple wants users to have an extended period of time to truly test out the features before deciding if it is for them.

MacRumors notes that while the ECG and irregular heart rhythm notifications are regulated by the FDA, the agency claims that the extended refund window is not mandated by them, so it seems that this decision was entirely Apple’s.

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