Back in August it was reported that IKEA could be considering launching smart plugs. The premise for such devices is pretty straightforward, where you could plug in a regular household device and you will be able to control it through the smart plug, which would be accessible via mobile devices like a smartphone or tablet.


Now it seems that for those who are interested in checking out the IKEA Tradfri smart plugs, you’ll be pleased to learn that they are now available for purchase in both the US and UK. However it should be noted that previously it was reported that they would be HomeKit compatible, but as it stands they are not, at least not right now but we imagine that a firmware update should change that in the future.

IKEA is definitely not the first company to launch a smart plug. There have been others who have attempted similar devices, such as Belkin, but IKEA is known for being very affordable and at $9.99 a plug, it certainly makes it very attractive. However given that the “smart” features are built into the plug and not the device you’re connecting it to, basically these plugs are only good for turning things on/off remotely or on schedule.

This means that if you wanted more features like being able to adjust light colors, dimming, and so on, you will need to either get your hands on IKEA’s own smart bulbs or look for third party alternatives like the Philips Hue or LIFX.

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