Yesterday Marvel shared a new poster for the upcoming Captain Marvel movie and stated that a new trailer for the movie is expected to be released. The good news for fans of the character and are anticipating the movie is that it looks like the new trailer has since been uploaded onto YouTube for your viewing pleasure.


This is actually the second trailer for Captain Marvel where the first trailer was released back in September earlier this year. This new trailer doesn’t really tell us much more than the previous one, although it does reveal a couple of new scenes that we did not see before. For those who aren’t a fan of spoilers, then you’ll be happy to know that this trailer doesn’t really give that much away, at least nothing we didn’t already know.

From what we can tell, the Captain Marvel movie will feature a younger Nick Fury and it seems to explore the origins of the character. It does show scenes where she dons her more iconic red and blue suit, suggesting that we could be looking at a mixture of the past and present. There are many who are anticipating the movie because of how the Avengers: Infinity War ended, where it was hinted that Captain Marvel could play a crucial role in saving everyone. The movie is currently set for a release in March 2019.

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