OrCam is no stranger to wearable cameras. Earlier this year during CES 2018, the company debuted the MyEye 2.0 which is camera attachment that would help the blind “see”. This worked by the camera being able to detect what’s in front of it and relay that information back to the user, although the downside is that it needed to be clipped onto a pair of glasses.


If you’d rather not have something weigh your glasses down, then you might be interested in the OrCam MyMe, the company’s latest wearable camera efforts which has recently launched on Kickstarter. This is a device that can be clipped onto your bag strap, your shirt pocket, or even your belt. The device comes with a 13MP smart camera and pairs with your smartphone.

There will be facial recognition built into the device which will connect to your social networks and try to match faces that it detects. It will then be able to notify the user of who that person is (in case you forgot) and will also be able to record other details like when you last saw them and so on. It can also recognize and read objects like name cards and name tags so you can update your contacts later.

It is understandable that some might be concerned about the privacy implications behind such a device and its features, but according to OrCam, all data is stored on your device locally and nothing is sent to the cloud. It is an interesting device although whether or not you might need something like that is up to you, but you can find more information on its Kickstarter page.

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